Sunday, July 24, 2016

"First you lose trust, then you get worried"

Not much has happened - it's been stupid hot/humid and the motivation has been low.  I'm in the process of selling Ferris to a buyer in California so most of my free time has recently been spent collecting parts for shipment.  Digging out parts bins I haven't looked at in months/years.  Finding shit I forgot I bought.  Putting stuff I don't need into another pile to be sold.  Listing some parts - I wound up putting ads back up on The Samba just to get through stuff I don't need/want.

I did, however, pull the Koln column out and swap in the NOS SWF column, which actuates the turn indicators just fine.  I've got an ignition switch situation to resolve but it shouldn't be tough to resolve.  Once that is finished, I'll get back to the engine and see if I can get it dialed in better.  The wiring under the dash is pretty well cleaned up now.

Once Ferris is sold, I'm pretty sure I'll be swapping the rear of Nigel over to disc brakes - I'll have one car to focus on so the swap should be rather straightforward.  It'll also eliminate a bunch of hard to find maintenance/wear parts.  My goal is to get this car down to being as simple to maintain as possible while being reliable.

Someday, I'll drive this car somewhere interesting...

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