Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Churn and turn

 NOS VW factory rebuilt pump - I knew if I was patient and waited long enough that I'd find one.

All of that waiting paid off!  Sure, I had to buy a bunch of other stuff to get it (and the window cranks) but it will be worth it in the end...
 The NOS window cranks - one is very nice - the other one is 'ok' due to scratches on the arm.  I have the third window crank and I think it'll make a good replacement for the final fitment.
 Found two sets (4 pieces) of these on German eBay but the seller won't ship to the US so I asked a contact in Germany to help me out (which he did).  They'll get shipped over with the next package.

Overall, I've been content with the rate of sell through of the parts that I have up for sale.  I'll be much happier once they're all sold and I can return focus to my car but, for now, things are going okay - I should be able to recover what I've spent this time around.

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