Wednesday, May 9, 2018


An exercise in 'how strong is my OCD?'

The left is the hand written tag - tags I bought specifically for the cabinets that store the parts to the car.  The second iteration are P-Touch labels that I simply slipped into the slot.  A little calculation showed that it could be fairly expensive to print them all out and slip them inside the holders.  So, the third iteration was born.  I spent about 15 minutes in Excel and created a template for the bin locations and got to printing them out.  The worst part is having to cut each tag on the paper cutter - and, all told, it's not that bad.  I'm about done after approximately 3 hours of listening to music and putting tags on the bins.

I sold a bunch of parts yesterday, which is good news for both 'right-sizing' my level of parts and for the things I have yet to purchase for this car.  I the hell can there be a part I don't have yet?  There are - although their numbers are dwindling rapidly.  People are getting out of the hobby and that means that parts are becoming available, very, very slowly.  Patience is key.  Then I'll sell my used/excess parts to those who don't have patience.  Circle of life or something like that...all I know is that it's all very slowly working out in my favor.  Finally.

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