Wednesday, May 24, 2017

in a turtle race, a snail's pace ain't bad...

Here's the skinny on all that's happened in the last ten days:

I sent the parking brake cable back to be shortened and have a mate made up.  The guy who is in charge was on vacation and only came back today.  He will ship it out Friday and it'll arrive late next week.  I'll be out of town for a couple of days so no big deal.  Haven't really driven the car much since I don't have a parking/emergency brake but I might take it on an early drive this weekend just to get a feel for everything else.  I'd like to know if the thermostat flap/rods are working correctly.  I bought an IR thermometer to check it out once the initial drive is done.  I've also got to grow a pair and install the tach in the dash.  The last install attempt having gone wrong has me a bit spooked - even though I think I know what I did incorrectly.  It's an expensive part that I don't want to fry.

Almost finished the parts identification/'s 98% done.  I still have to identify parts in totes and then establish where the totes will stay so I can pull parts as needed.  That's minor and I can work on that during the week - should be done by month's end.  The list is almost a thousand lines in length but I have a pretty damn good idea of what I've got and where it's located.  Much better situation than what I had previously!  I'm looking forward to having it done and knowing what I've got (a lot) and what I can get rid of (a little).  I sold one of my NOS ZV/JCU 4R3 distributors so I'm down to 3 or 4 now.  I should really get down to two and call it done.

Worked on getting the rest of the hardware sorted and cleaned - I'm almost done with this but I got sick so I've just focused on getting better while not missing any work.  Once I'm up to it, I'll continue to organize and clean the hardware - then send it off to be refinshed.  I'm getting it clean via the vinegar soak which works quite well but requires a cleaning after drying the vibratory basket is getting used again.

A side project is the spec of a 1904 stroker for my car - nearly twice the hp, 3x the torque.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the 1500 S engine I've got now.  It's hard to believe I'll go back to a 54hp engine once I drop a 90+hp engine in the car.  Either way, the transmission will get rebuilt - it's 50 years old and probably ready to be rebuilt.  I have an inside line on a NOS universal engine case that shouldn't need to be clearanced for the crank or rods but I've shelved the idea of buying it until I'm a bit closer to going for the full build.  It would be nice to get through some of my extra engine tin and such...this will be for a later date.  I've got plenty to do to keep me busy until this the whole restoration process.

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