Sunday, May 28, 2017

One step forward, three steps back...

 Got the car running well enough to take it out for a short drive.  My son was super excited and buckled himself into his car seat - eagerly awaiting the trip.

We drove around for about 20 minutes through back roads in our subdivision before returning home.
I snapped this picture after the drive - I think the car looks pretty good for being over 50 years old.

I don't yet have parking brakes so the wheel chock is for extra safety beyond parking it in gear.

Still not content with the idle or the lack of power, I did some work on the car today - changed the oil, plugs and replaced the rotor in the distributor.  Car runs roughly but not right.  I also can't get the timing right with a light - I'm now wondering if the distributor drive gear is installed wrong.  Not sure how to make sure the engine is at #1 when the rotor is pointing to the notch or if it's 180ยบ out.  That could be the issue...I've also got a new coil coming tomorrow - two of the three I have got very hot after a short period of time of use.  That's usually a bad sign.

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