Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Alligator clips

Well, today was slightly productive as I was able to get a few accomplishments under my belt.

Task #1 was to run a new wire for the tach installation from the dash to the engine area.  While I was at it, I also replaced the grommet at the rear of the pan where the battery to starter cable is located - there wasn't much left of it.  I did a little clean up of the undercoating but it's a tiresome and dirty job and I wasn't really having it today.

Task #2 was swapping everything over to a 12 pole fuse box which was relatively simple.  I didn't realize until today that the last two sections swap places when converting from the 10 pole to the 12 pole.  I'm pretty sure I got it all correct but I guess I'll find out when I go to start the car, huh?

Task #3 was installing the relays for 4 way flashers.  This job wasn't finished because I ran out of time.  I have the wire ready for the 2nd relay and think I understand the DPDT relay well enough to do the job but I'm not entirely convinced that I won't screw it up.

Tomorrow is a 'non-VW' day - I've got a bunch of other things to get done and I probably won't have time to work on the car at all.  I might look into tackling the rear subframe torsion bar/spring plate install if I'm feeling really crafty.

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