Friday, August 18, 2017

Gossen, Gossen, Gossen!

The tachs have come back...this is the used tach with repainted inner ring and new chrome trim ring.  It looks super nice now - slightly more grey in appearance and probably matches the VW gauges better.  I've got one interested party - if he bails, I'll likely just keep it.  I've got a lot of money into it and it's doubtful that anyone will pay what it would take to recover that money.
The rebuilt/used tach on the left, the NOS/rebuilt tach on the right.  There are slight differences in them - most notably - the color.  As it turns out, the color of the trim ring very highly influences the color of the tach face.  They both look super super nice and I'm happy to have them back home now that they're rebuilt and ready to use.

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