Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stumbling along, keeping pace

It's been a few weeks since I dropped off the suspension parts for powder I called to check up on the status of things.  The recording said that emailing them was faster - so I sent an email.  I received a reply a couple of hours later telling me that they hadn't even started the job.  No apology for the delay - just a reply telling me that they could have it done early next week.  I guess time will tell if that's true.

I called and chatted with Chico about the progress of the engine build - sounds like things are going pretty well - engine shipment will be near the end of the month which is kind of perfect timing for my situation.

I may start the process of a 4 way flasher installation to fill in the time while I wait for the engine and transmission to be shipped.  If the rear subframe is finished next week - I can work on getting that all put together and prepared for the transmission and engine.

The tachometers are near completion as well - they should ship out early next week.  I'm in the final stages of making a deal to sell one of them after the work is completed because I don't need two tachometers.  In the coming weeks, I will be reevaluating the parts inventory and selling off additional parts.

More to come...

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