Monday, September 24, 2018

It's hard to understand the inner workings of an idiot

Photo from the body shop today when I asked about progress/status.

The rear subframe is painted, the small parts are painted.  This part is done and pretty much ready to go.

The missing braces are pretty fucking annoying but I just have to move on.
The bottom of the pan has presented some 'challenges', yeah?  The top coat bubbled quite a bit.  After contacting the tech support for KBS - they said that the top coat was applied too thick and too soon between coats.

I had to order another can of paint - the body shop will sand it down and repaint it.

The dent at the top of the center section is rather annoying because we agreed that they would all be removed.  There are some discussion points to have about the result of the communicated work vs. the delivered result.
The shit result appears to be localized on the center section of the pan.

The top side looks better - which is kind of ironic since it'll be covered with insulation and carpet.

The estimated delivery date of this stuff is Wednesday...then I have to muster up the desire to put all of this shit back together before the snow falls.

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