Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

VW 274c - inner bushing reamer for Type 3.

Found this tool while looking for another one in the classifieds.  There was no price so I started a conversation with the seller to see if we could meet in a good place, price wise.
I compared the posted image with the image from the tool archive on the obsolete air cooled site and found that it's complete based on the photos.
Two of the rebuilt steering boxes came back today.  The one on the left is comprised of mostly NOS parts (housing, roller, worm, bearings, shims, adjusting screw).

The unit on the right will be installed on Nigel this weekend - and the current unit will be sent off for evaluation.  I'll be replacing the tie rod ends as well - hoping to eliminate the 'play' in the steering and make the car easier to drive over longer distances.
Top view.  Hard to get clear shots of black parts on a white surface.

The only feedback I gave was to zinc plate the hardware vs. paint it.  The adjusting screws are the shorter variety - it was suggested that I have the longer screws installed and I declined.  Now that I see the remaining threads, I should have allowed the longer screws to be installed.

Still moving inch at a time...but I think October is going to be a productive month.

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