Sunday, October 23, 2016

"For fast acting relief, try slowing down."

Got the carbs tuned and tweaked.  The idle is lower (maybe too low now) and the car drives well.  I took it out Thursday night after making some adjustments and it tracks pretty straight now.  I was going to drive it yesterday but found a dead battery (again).  I've also got a ground issue in the dash with the right side bulb that illuminates for turn indicators - I may explore using a different gauge cluster back plate - the one that's in the car has several tired connections.

The right rear turn lamp doesn't work (it's the only outer bulb that doesn't work) and the battery goes dead if I leave it connected for more than a day.  The only change made is the installation of the alternator.  I've checked the installation against the documents found online and those that came with the alternator (they're the same documents) and it's all connected the same way.

The battery is being charged and, for now, I'm going to disconnect it when the car is stationary.  Somewhere, though, there's a problem that needs to be resolved...once I figure out what the problem actually is...

No new leaks on the left rear wheel - a good thing given that I've probably got only days/weeks left in the driving season for this car before it's tucked away in the garage for the Winter.

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