Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Grass grows, paint dries, leaves fall from trees

I found this oddball on eBay - a made in Spain Type 3 muffler.  It'll arrive next week and I can bolt up the later heat exchangers and muffler bits - keeping the logo early exhaust for another time.

I also ordered new - not NOS - but brand spanking new tie rod ends for the front end.  I hand tested a few of my NOS inner lefts and they're VERY loose.  I can't help but wonder if the tie rod ends on the car are loose as well and that's contributing to the wandering front end - given that I've checked the upper sway bar, the bottom torsion adjustments and all four ball joints are brand new (less than 60 miles on them).  The damper is new and, in spite of being of Chinese manufacture, seemed to be decent.  It's not leaking so I think it's still good.

So next week, I'll be swapping out the steering box with one assembled from NOS parts, new tie rod ends and then putting it all back together again.  In the rear, I'll install the rest of the wiring for the alternator and the exhaust.  Weather permitting, I'll fire the car up and go for a drive.

It's high time this car see some action.

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