Sunday, October 9, 2016

In the rough

Today was fairly productive in the 'get the car back to functioning status' theme.

All of the alternator wiring was completed, the heat exchangers, exhaust (previously installed early model), clutch, etc. were installed and adjusted.  I didn't get the time to start on the leaking wheel cylinder yet...the front end is untouched although the new tie rod ends arrived a couple of days ago.  I got word that the steering boxes are nearing completion and will be ready for next weekend's planned installation.  I'm close!  I've got to drive this car soon...

The 'made in Spain' muffler had no internal baffles so I'm returning it.

I rolled Ferris out into the driveway so I had enough room to move around Nigel.  Near the end of my work, a couple walked up the driveway to check out Ferris and they noticed Nigel in the garage.  Nice folks - I talked with them for a good 15 minutes about both cars and the work that's gone into both over the years.  Something about a red car that gets people's attention.

I might get to the left wheel cylinder tomorrow but it's looking more like it'll be next weekend.  Each Saturday that I don't get the car functional means another week before I get the time to try again. 

I'll be running short on nice weather soon.

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