Saturday, August 14, 2021

"Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry"

Made a good amount of progress today - fuel tank, fuel line and pump are all plumbed and wired up.  The fuse box is fitted and checked and new fuses have been installed.  The fusebox is set up like a 67 Euro car with a 12 slot fuse box.  I was able to remove three of the piggy back connectors as a result of using a 12 slot fuse box vs. the standard 10 slot.  The additional 30 amp fuse between the battery and the ignition swich/fuse box should help control any issues that crop up.

From the front end - it's looking a lot like a functional car.  There are some front end suspension things to work out before I can drive the car but the rest of it is dialed in.

A random neighbor stopped by in a 1950 Jeep and chatted about the car - we talked about the things that I've done with the car and we talked a bit about his Jeep.  There are a lot of old cars in this neighborhood and it's cool to talk with people about their cars.

All of the engine wiring is finished - at least for this first round - none of the accessory gauges are wired up yet.

Engine is filled with oil, trans is filled with gear oil...

The battery goes in tomorrow and then we get to see if there are any electrical issues or leaks.  I might get to the spring plate installation tomorrow as well.

The only thing holding this all up will be the rear brake lines - they have to be figured out, made and installed before I can bleed the brakes and drive the car.  I'm making a good amount of progress and it'll be nice to turn it over tomorrow.

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