Monday, August 23, 2021

"The questions are always more important than the answers"

Finished pictures first, I guess.

Ran the new wiring for the cargo light from the dome light - the stock location is wired to the running light on the tail lamp - meaning it's only going to work when the running lights are on.

The heat shield is notched where it was rubbing on the body and the edge that was rubbing on the bellows boot has been 'coerced in a new direction'.  The final touch was to sand the edges to remove the sharpness.

I prepared the pulley shroud gasket so I don't forget to install it.  Fingers crossed - I should be able to leave the engine in the car for a while.

Another thing that was done - drilled three holes in the pulley shroud for the bolt on lid and test the fit.

I'm not going to bother powdercoating the lid at this point.

Prior to removing the muffler and the heat shield - I took this picture to show just how close the heat shield is to the bellows boot.
Another angle showing the corner pushing into the bellows boot near the clamp.

The test fit of the heat shield indicates that the modifications should help the two parts keep a slight difference.

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