Sunday, August 1, 2021

“Once you hear the details of victory, it is hard to distinguish it from a defeat.”

 A small amount of progress this weekend with a couple of setbacks.  The headlights, indicators, sidemarkers and all related wiring is installed.  The fuel pump is installed, the fuel safety relay is installed.  I stopped short of installing the fuel tank and the front bumper.  I need to get fuel hose for the short run between the fuel tank and the fuel pump.  I wound up pulling out a NOS right front indicator housing because the one on the car was different from the left side - and due to a modification - would have required a different bulb.  I'm all about simplicity so I pulled it out of the box and installed it.  The ISP West front indicator rubber seals went on rather quickly once I swapped the wire tails from the NOS pieces that had shrunk too much to install.

I've ordered a new tap to check one last time if I can simply clean out the existing threads on the torsion bar cover plate before I drill out the threads and use through bolts.  The main reason behind this is because the use of through bolts requires dropping the subframe to get them installed...which, of course, is a gigantic pain in the ass and will slow the progress considerably.  I've already pulled the trailing arms off of the subframe so it'll make removing the transmission that much easier if it comes to it. Once I've run the tap through the threads and figured out which direction I have to go - I'll just move forward.  This car has to go back together very very soon.

Speaking of slowing things down - the very local plating shop decided to try and charge me $500 to plate two spring plates so I canceled the job.  The spring plates are now in need of a new shop to get the job done.  I can't really finish the rear end until the spring plates are re-plated.  I do have the ride height dialed in so the swap should be quick once the good plates are back from plating.

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