Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Detour in the blog

I've gone back and looked at fixing both this blog (for the second time in 2 years) and fixing Ferris's blog (4th time in 6 years)...it's going to take a long time to fix the photos and I don't know how long it'll take Google to fuck it up - the elimination of Google+ photos and Picasa (it's now just Google Photos) has ultimately played a role in some of the failures in this blog.  Part of the fault is my phone and the sync between it and Google's back up to the cloud.  A week ago - before this issue popped up, I had one version of every photo in my Google Photos, now I have two versions - neither of which link to the blog images.  Going back through my photos and deleting the duplicates is one issue, fixing the blog images is entirely another

While I'm making progress on Nigel - I'm very discouraged at having documented so many things only to have them come apart on this blog.  I'm going to fix a couple of images but the majority of them won't get fixed - I simply don't have time to go back and search for the photo and re-link them all...only to wonder when Google will make some change that blows it all up again.

The price of 'free' is that this is all at the mercy of someone else.  I'm not going to create a build thread on TheSamba.com for two cars - one because it's not the right platform and two because it's not the audience I want.

I may look into my own domain to host the blogs but that's not really on the horizon right now.  Until I get the photo situation worked out or I get my own domain, the updates will be text only going forward.

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