Friday, April 22, 2016

Nigel stretches his legs

Dropped the car off at 7am, called at 12 noon to let them know that there are some extra parts if they needed them and the owner tells me that the car is done.  I picked Nigel up at 5pm and drove home.  Brakes are nice and firm and the car tracks much better.  I've technically got too much air in the front tires so I may take more out to see if I can get the front end to track a bit better - I know that a considerable amount of the jittery-ness is due to the steering damper going bad.

 There's something goofy on the right rear - I think in the drum, so I'm going to pull the rear drum tomorrow morning to check it out.  I'm now really happy that I bought that giant torque wrench - it's going to come in handy a lot.

I put the front beauty rings on with recently re-chromed hubcaps:

I think it looks pretty good.  The bumper needs to be cleaned but it's not bad overall.

So, I've got an oil change, a clutch tweak (I think the cable it a tad too tight), and replacing the front steering damper (it's leaking) on the list of things to do along with the inspecting the odd noise at the right rear.

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