Monday, April 18, 2016

The downside to being 'connected'

Well...looks like my phone's issues have reached full tilt and fucked over the blog...most of the photos that I used on this blog were linked from my phone - supposedly backed up by Google (apparently not).  The SD card that housed all of my photos on my phone is supposed to back up hourly.  A couple of days ago it unceremoniously died.  In the event that you're considering Lexar memory, I'd recommend you choose another brand.

I was wondering if Google's axing of Picasa was partly to blame but it appears that only the photos linked from my phone are to blame here and on the Ferris blog.  The photos are online but not linked to Blogger because I went 'through' the phone.  I won't be doing that anymore...

Looks like I'll have to go back and restore the photos if I can remember what they were.

Jim came by today and tweaked the carbs - the car is running more smoothly now.  Alignment and brake bleed is last on the list before the car can be put back together and driven out of the subdivision on a real road trip around town.  It's time for Nigel to stretch his legs a bit.

For obvious reasons, no photo for this post...

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