Thursday, April 28, 2016

Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose

The bolts for the rear bearing cover came in yesterday - I didn't get enough time to drill out the broken bolt but I plan to do that today after work.  I will be replacing all 8 bolts as a precautionary measure - who knows what's up with the seven that remain...

A well known Type 3 source contacted me this morning with photos of a group of parts he'd decided to put up for sale.
A fellow Type 3 owner hooked me up with a part that we've both been looking to find for several years.  I now have two complete sets of these to finish both cars!

The funny part is that they're coming from the same guy who's got the door levers (notice the wood pattern).

In other news, I'm helping out a guy in New Zealand obtain parts - which had led to me buying some of the parts I need to acquire myself.  All told, there are about 7 boxes of parts from 5 sources coming in the next week or so.

I sourced some suitable replacement bolts for the door hinges from a local hardware company, McMaster Carr, and they'll arrive in a few days.  If they work, it'll be a fantastic find - they're $7 for two sets.  I'll know soon enough.

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