Sunday, June 18, 2017


 The day started with me pulling out a bunch of wood I brought to Atlanta from Chicago - old shelf wood - and determining the size of the crate.  After a bit of back and forth, I settled on roughly 36"x36"x24" and started squaring up the pieces because they were not straight.  Made a trip to Home Depot for additional wood and screws and came back and got into it.
This photo is why my blog is so boring - I went from nearly nothing to completely packed without taking a single photo.  Somewhere in this crate is the engine - strapped and bolted to the crate, the complete exhaust, engine tins and about ten boxes of parts.

Tomorrow is the day I figure out what's going to replace this engine and get it on order.

Another piece of welcome news: The box that vanished for a couple of weeks was scanned in Atlanta - so there's a chance it could be delivered tomorrow.

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