Friday, June 2, 2017

Digging for clues and solutions

I called to check on the cable shop since I haven't seen a notification about an inbound package (I track everything that comes in or goes out).  They told me yesterday that the cables were 'on the board to ship today' and I requested USPS shipping because it's typically 3 days faster.  Late last night I received a notification that a package was provided with a tracking number but the USPS didn't physically have it.  Today, the status remains unchanged.  We're now a full week later than promised for the ship date.  I guess it's not as if I've got nothing else to do in the meantime, huh?

The distributor drive gear puller arrived today with a few other parts that I ordered to bolster my parts cabinet.

I am hoping to have some time tomorrow morning to get started - first make sure that the engine is at TDC, check the valves and the distributor alignment.  I'll then determine if the distributor drive gear is off by a tooth or two (or is 180ยบ off).  

And another scenario has been brought to my attention - the cam gear can also be installed a tooth off - which would require an engine tear down.  I'm hoping this is not the circumstance - but I'm slowly realizing that this is entirely a possibility.

Tomorrow holds answers - or more questions...

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