Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it

On Monday, I ordered up the new engine and transmission.

Basic specs:
* 1904, full flow, external oil filter (I'll add a remote cooler as well)
* Spanish or Italian Weber 40 IDF carbs
* LeenAPK programmable distributor
* Vintage Speed carb linkage
* Vintage Speed exhaust
* ProStreet Freeway Flyer transmission (taller 4th gear)

The estimate for delivery is mid to late August.

On Tuesday, I collected a handful of contacts for media blasting and powder coating.  The subframe, axle tubes, spring plates, and various other small parts will be cleaned and powder coated for both the engine build and the suspension rebuild.

I'll be shedding stock parts as this build progresses forward as there's little chance I'll go back to stock at this point.  I'm looking to build a super reliable daily driver that looks stock but has upgraded brakes, engine and transmission.

The engine crate of parts will be departing tomorrow for California.  One chapter closes to greet the following events...

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