Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”

I've done all that I'm likely to do today - I installed the parking brake cables and adjusted them...very little back and forth to get these right and I'm happy about that!

Tomorrow is the day the solid rocker shafts arrive in the mail - I'll probably only get them built up but not likely to have them installed unless the mail comes early tomorrow.  My mail carrier is on vacation starting tomorrow (he made it a point to tell me yesterday) and when he's out the mail either comes at 10am or 6pm.  The delivery time has a lot to do with how much progress I can make.

Until then, I'll start working out how I'm going to mount the electric fuel pump.  This might get me to swap over to a 12 point fuse box - that and the tach that I have yet to install.  I found another set of instructions that seems to be a lot more clear so I'm going to see about getting it set up for install.  I've also got the headlight relays, fog light relays (and the light bar to install) and the horns.  Lots of little things that I can do over the next few weeks to keep moving forward in spite of engine issues.

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