Friday, July 3, 2015

Big vision, small steps

 The adapters and the test lug nut arrived today.  Since I only have a full set of the adapters, I went with those.

The lug nut also fits so I'm going to order the rest of the set so that I can remove the adapters at some point.  For now, I'll leave it alone because it works.
Now that the car is back on tires and 'settled' a bit, I've decided to lower the front end one spline.

After that's done, I'll put the brakes back together and then take it in for alignment.  I should have a solid 4 weeks where I can drive the car before a storage space is required for the winter months.
I changed out the mounting screws on the dash for the push button assembly.  It never ceases to amaze me how the condition of a screw head can change the over all look of its assembly.

If I get real ambitious tonight, I'll pull the front end apart and see if I can get it dropped one spline AND put it back together.  I like a good challenge.

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