Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The gentle ebb and flow

 A few days ago this NOS air cleaner got away.  It sold for $200 including shipping from Europe.  It's not as common as the version with the large end on the right side but I think this is a cleaner looking part, and thus, I prefer it to the more common version.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to my email soon enough and someone else got their hands on it.  It sold rather quickly.
 I did, however, get my hands on this one.  An NOS ignition with two keys.  It's a non-scripted bezel with the parking light provision.

If it's in perfect condition, I'll put it in the spare column I am building up along with a NOS contact plate and turn signal arm.  The column housing is being powder coated in the next few days.

If it isn't in perfect condition, I'll use it for parts to fix the OE scripted bezel ignition switch from Nigel.  That switch is waiting for parts so that it can be repaired.

Not much happening with Nigel right now...waiting on the spindles to be completed so I can install the CSP brake kit.  I've left the Airkewld kit on the car so that it's on 4 tires and can be moved if needed.

I have started looking for a fabrication shop to make the new brackets for the Airkewld kit.  I imagine it's going to take a while to find someone willing to make two random pieces without a CAD illustration.  I may have to revert to old school knowledge and whip up something in CAD but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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