Thursday, July 2, 2015

If you can find a path without obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere

I did a LOT of digging around before I settled on buying lug nut adapters for my current lug nuts.  In addition, I found a company that claims to have the correct lug nuts but I only bought one as a test piece because they don't accept returns.  That test piece will arrive on Monday while the adapters will arrive tomorrow.  If the adapters don't work, I'll hold my figurative breath for the test lug nut on Monday.

In the mean time, I bought a few things...
  • M8x1.25x40mm bolts for the early spindles that were original to Nigel.  They're early drum spindles in that they have 8mm ball joint bolts where the later version uses a 10mm bolt.
  • Two sets of NOS drum spindles due in a couple of weeks from one of my stops in the North East in May.
  • M10x1.5x40mm bolts for the ball joints on the 'normal spindles'.  I bought a few from ISP West as well.  Hopefully, ISP sends me the correct bolts and I'll have a few extras.
  • Bought a set of Hassia fog lights from a Samba member for a decent price - they'll arrive on Monday.
  • Bought an emergency flasher knob from a Samba member in Thailand - it'll show up once I've forgotten about it.
  • Ordered another complete set of front Timken bearings for the next beam build.

In a couple of weeks I'll be sending out the ZV/JCU 4R3 distributor that flash rusted last Fall for a cleaning and rebuild.  The guy who's doing the rebuild is off on vacation and I've spent enough lately so the timing works out quite well.

I sold the red bins from the parts cabinets.  I'm still waiting for the rest of my replacement pieces to finish the cabinets off but they're in pretty good shape now.  No more re-organizations to come...just organized parts waiting for a car to call 'home'.  I think I've run out of distractions - and that's a good thing.

I'm also waiting on fabricated bushings for the front beam.  I bought two complete sets - which means that I can have both beams stripped of their bushings and bearings, cleaned and powder coated in preparation for the bushings.  I'm looking forward to getting both beams rebuilt.  The third beam (on the car currently) will be kept with bearings/bushings and I'll rebuild it after its painted and keep it as a spare.

There have been a lot of parts popping up in the classifieds that I've been tempted to buy but I've resisted...knowing that I either have five of the same thing currently or that I don't really need it.

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