Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to me...

First thing I did: mocked up the replacement feed lines to the master cylinder.  I agonized over this way longer than I should have to get here.

A couple of cable clamps and a slight bit of additional tweaking and it's good.
 Once I'd sorted the feed line bit, I moved inside to install the parking brake cables.  I installed the right side cable - then discovered that it'd be easier if I removed the parking brake I popped a clip, pulled the securing pin, lifted the handle and the engaging gear fell into the tunnel.  If you look real close, you can see it, it's between the cable and the shift rod - the little nub sticking out.  I'll have to go get a 'magnet on a stick' to get it out.
So...this is  a photo of the piece that has vanished from not only the tray of parts that remain to be installed but the garage.  It's a simple piece machined to extend the parking brake at the pan.

I've sent a message to CSP in the hope that they have a spare they can send out soon...meanwhile, I'm looking for alternatives.
This is what it looks like installed - using the original 311 609 721 parking brake cable sheath.  It's kind of a loose fit so if I have to replace it with something else - I'll see about getting something that's a better fit.
The fit isn't great - I'd prefer to find a parking brake cable that's the correct length to replace this mess of 'adapters'.
Another view of the installed parking brake.
This is the right rear caliper mocked up - can't really do anything until the engaging gear is in place in the parking brake lever and I have either found, fabricated or received a replacement for the missing piece.

Not a terribly productive day.

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