Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sitting on four jack stands, this car made forward motions in progress today...

Today was rather productive - I got the floor bracket off the pan without making any additional holes and mounted the pedal assembly.  One thing I learned about the early pan is that it's got a smaller opening for the clutch lever than the later cars.  This was discovered while I was trying to figure out how to get it back in the tunnel with the late pedal bearing bracket.  The late pedal bracket limits movement a bit more - increasing the challenge of installation.  I got it in, the brake pedal is adjusted and, as far as this bit goes, it's done here.  I'm back to installing the clutch cable at the transmission and then making some adjustments.  Nice to have some progress!
 The shorter banjo bolts arrived tonight and they fit perfectly!  This has been a lesson in brake fittings that I didn't expect, both from a time and financial aspect.  It cost me about $60 to learn, which is about $60 more than I expected to spend.

These are stainless steel so I have to be careful to not apply gorilla strength and snap one.
 The standard banjo bolt on the left, the Goodridge bolt on the right.  It's a bit shorter than I expected but it fits properly so that's all that matters.

I may order up another pair of the banjo bolts - but not stainless (for strength).  I just hope these don't leak!
Box and part number for reference (if I lose one or break another bolt)

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