Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jumping the hurdles instead of tripping over them

I squeaked out some time to do a second brake bleed and got the car back on tires.  A little while later, I pushed the car into the driveway and gave the car a good wash and a fast wax.  I used the power washer  and was pleasantly surprised to find that the car doesn't leak.  I don't think I've ever washed it with anything other than the hose in the past.

I still don't have parking brake cables but the rest of it is good to go.  I'm hoping to have the time to do a very minor alignment tweak tomorrow, pop the tank back in and fire the car up.  It's probably going to need a bit to get it running proper but it shouldn't be much.  I really want to be able to drive this car around and I'm close!  I'd like to test out the brakes, make sure the alignment is good (after I've messed with it) and check the thermostat to make sure it's working properly.

I'm close to driving it...real close.

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