Sunday, April 30, 2017

Still moving forward...

Today's work was to get the alignment set and put the gas tank back in the car.

I started by figuring out the 'center' of the steering since this box was rebuilt and the centering ring was off a bit.  I wanted to figure out if the steering wheel needed to be moved or if the tie rod ends needed adjustment.
A while back, I bought this 'toe gauge' off of Amazon after reading about another Type 3 owner's experience with it in setting the toe in on the front axle.  About a year ago, I had the alignment set at a local shop but I wasn't 100% sure they'd done it to spec.

I spent some time doing set up and making sure I'd adjusted everything properly before taking my measurements.  Once I was confident with set up I took measurements and converted into degrees...which wound up being totally unnecessary since the alignment spec book that I found online shows the acceptable range in inches (front to rear of tire).  Anyway, the front end is within spec. so all I had to do was move the centering ring on the steering box shaft and re-center the steering wheel.  Just in case I've skipped/missed something, I'm going to wait until I've driven the car a bit before I put the horn back together.

I replaced the lower rear hatch seal and cleaned out the channel for the rear hatch seal.  I've got an ISP seal that I've been fitting to see how to go about installing.  Ordered up some adhesive for the seal and by mid-week, I should be confident about the installation.  The rear axle nuts are torqued to 265 lb/ft. (slightly over spec) because that's where the next hole lined up with the axle nuts.  Cotter pins are in.

The gas tank is back in, and tomorrow, I hope to check the thermostat adjustment because I suspect that it's causing the engine to run hot.  Nothing else has been touched so it should be running okay once it gets some fuel.

Fingers crossed, I'll get this car fired up today or tomorrow.

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