Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I count my time in dog years

I ran over to the hose shop at lunch yesterday to get two new hoses made (slightly longer) and installed them loose to get the fit just right.  After screwing around with it for a few minutes, I figured out the best approach and snugged everything up.

Based on this photo - when I get to the restoration of the car I'm either going to replace the two lines with one line and fabricate a support or I'm going to straighten the bracket between the two hoses.  I think it'll be a cleaner installation.
And right when I was feeling good about the progress - the banjo bolt on the left side snapped well before it was tight.  I think it was a bad part - the bolt was not tight at all.  I checked the depth of the passenger's side caliper and the bolt should not have bottomed out.  Since the hose shop is a minimum of an hour trip every time (not including the time I spent standing around waiting), I ordered new banjo bolts and crush washers online.  The local auto parts stores around here have jack shit for metric fasteners available.

The current challenge is going to be removing the broken banjo bolt from the caliper...and then I think I'm going to see about getting the fluid reservoir installed with the lines to the master cylinder.

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