Thursday, April 20, 2017

probably not even worth reading, honestly...

This update has the smallest level of forward movement I think I have ever posted.

I trimmed down the late divider panel piece to hold the dual reservoir, removed the rust, sanded it down, painted it with whatever paint I had available, found some small M3 hardware and mounted it.  The left side was left a little long so help with alignment of the panel.  The weird hole on the right is the difference between the late divider panel and the early panel (the hood release cable is in a different place).
I ordered a new Dremel bit to oval out the hole for the feed lines because I wasn't able to get the grommet and the two feed lines into the factory hole.  I have new feed lines cut from brake line stock and anticipate being able to minimize the amount of soft line involved in the set up.  I'll hopefully be able to paint the reservoir strap tomorrow and get the feed lines connected.  Being able to feed and bleed the brakes will be the next step.  The last thing to happen will be the parking brake installation.  On that note, I've been in communication with the cable shop about the fabrication of the new parking brake cables and it's slow long as I can keep moving forward - I'll focus on that part.  I'd be super happy if I could get the car outside and wash it this weekend.

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