Thursday, March 8, 2018


 I had a little free time on my hands today - yeah, I know, what's so different about today?

The cupholder nubs in my Volvo have been slowly breaking off and they did a poor job of holding my drinks in place.  Rather dirty as well - mostly from the nature being blown all over and some sawdust from another project.  I went to the dealership, bought the $14 part and came back home to get on it.
 The entire center console, waterfall panel and center AC vent had to be removed in order to access the screws underneath to release the cup holder bit.  I watched a YouTube video to see how to get the main center bit out and then improvised the rest of it.  I managed to get it all out and back in without breaking any of the parts - although I did break one of the clips on a part that didn't need to be removed.  It doesn't change the function so I didn't sweat it and put it back into use.
All of that just to get back to this - a functional center console that properly holds drinks again.

Even if it's not Nigel that I'm working on - it's nice to have a 'win' once in a while!

I don't know if this can be considered 'progress' but I did get the steering rod out today.  I don't have a long enough vessel to soak it in the Evaporust so it's now waiting for that to be found/created.

Some of the parts I ordered for Nigel came in today - I'm also cleaning hardware that I plan to re-use.  I should have a more useful, Nigel-specific, update in a few days.  I'm in a holding pattern now while I wait for powder coat to finish and ordered parts to show up.

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