Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Intersection of activity

I dropped a bunch of small parts off at powder coat this morning because they told me that they have a short lead time (less than 2 weeks) and it's too cold to paint anything.  Spindles, tie rods, pittman arms (2), steering arms, steering box clamps, late style oil fill tubes and a few other miscellaneous parts.  I can swap the oil breather to vent to the engine block and dump the spare oil back into the engine vs. the early style that just dumps it behind the fan housing.  I'll still pull the steering rod and fix the column rubber and I can swap over to seeing about how I might be able to get the torsion arms installed and/or fix the doors.  I can also look into getting crates built for the doors and fenders.  Seems like there's still plenty to do...I'll figure out a way to keep moving forward.
The steering boxes arrived today - Tim did a bang up job on them.

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