Sunday, March 4, 2018

Spindle Rebuild, round 2

Got the 2nd coat of paint on the brackets today - took a long time to dry enough for me to move them because the temp topped out around 65ºF today.  It was today or nothing - the temps are going to steadily drop starting tomorrow and hover around the 55ºF mark for a week or more.  They're far from perfect but the additional layer of paint after cleaning all of the rust off should help keep them clean for a while to come.

I haven't yet found all of the hardware in one place - I have to call a shop tomorrow to see if they can source the one oddball bolt that I need to complete the set.  They've been pretty easy to work with in the past so I'm hopeful it'll all work out.  If not, I may have to give in and pay a stupid high price for two bolts (one per side) just to get this done.

The two steering boxes are finished with their evaluation and will be arriving on Wednesday.  I have a few more parts to get cleaned up and this week is going to be light on progress - little dude is out of school on Spring break so that's where most of my time is dedicated.  Next week, I have jury duty and the following week, I'm going to California...March is going to be a bit nuts.  April will be the last calendar month I'm likely to be working on this car because May is going to be the month of sorting, organizing (whatever is left) and packing for the move.  Seems like there's a lot of time but I'm sure it'll go by real fast...somewhere in there, I have to get the car back on tires and able to drive.

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