Friday, March 30, 2018

Aging is mostly the failure to repair

Since I'm kind of stuck waiting for the powder coat shop to get their shit together and finish my parts, I figured I'd continue on with the OCD organization of parts in the garage, cleaning up stuff that's waiting to be reinstalled and proper labels for some of the parts that I hadn't bothered to look up in the past.

I cleaned up the right side grey arm rest for the car and noticed several cracks in the vinyl cover - one in the hand pocket, one just above the Z and one about halfway down the top most section.  Seems that this armrest is drying out rather rapidly.  The driver's side piece seems to be okay for now - it was replaced when the car was received.  I have the two black arm rests from Icarus and, when the time comes, I'll have them painted and use them to replace the broken grey pieces...or I may get lucky and trade them for grey ones.
The cracks are small but discouraging.  It's hard to keep old vinyl pieces together as the ravages of time do their thing.
The crack at the top doesn't seem to be as deep/disturbing as the other two but it'll unfortunately grow as time wears on...

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