Monday, March 26, 2018

All this static is poison

The progress crawls along ever so slowly.  The steering rod is installed and I've replaced the original horn wire with a new wire because the sheath was wearing thin near the exit point of the rod.

The rest of this is awaiting the return of the powder coated parts.  I emailed them inquiring about the status and have yet to hear when it'll be ready.  In the future, I'm going to use KBS paint and skip the powder coat - putting more of the work in my own hands and enabling me to control the delays a bit more.  This shop I'm using does nice work but they're never even close to the promised finish date.
 Column back together and loosely mounted - waiting on the steering box clamp so I can align everything before tightening it into place.
The CSP front disc brackets with new 12.9 bolts - waiting for the spindles and steering arms to return from powder coat so I can put them back together.

In the interim - I put some of the newer additions in the cabinet (why the actual fuck am I still buying parts?) and labeled a few others.

Speaking of buying parts - I may have found a couple of things that I've been searching to find for the last five years.  Fingers crossed they're in nice condition and available.

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