Saturday, March 3, 2018

Spindle rebuild, round 1

 Got the spindles apart today - the plan is to replace the hardware, clean up the brackets, swap to the other set of spindles, clean the rust off of the rotors, repack the bearings and put it all back together.
 I stopped by the FLAPS and picked up another gallon of Evaporust for the steering column shaft, clamp and these brackets.  I ordered some paint and replacement hardware (M10x1 bolts are super expensive locally).

It's kind of surprising how much corrosion these brackets took on with one exposure to snow/salt.  Raw steel that's unprotected stands virtually no chance of long term use with the aggressive chemicals used on the roads for snow.

Next challenge is figuring out how to clean up the calipers and the corrosion.  I think I'd like to paint them in the future - something normal like black or silver.

I wound up getting the brackets cleaned off and painted with one light coat of Eastwood Alumablast paint that I had in the cabinet.  Should be warm enough to add a couple of coats tomorrow - then I can let them sit/dry for a few days while I wait for hardware to show up.

Only made a small amount of progress yesterday/today but I'm still moving forward.  I'll probably swap between the spindles and the torsion arm installation until this whole thing is done.

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