Friday, March 9, 2018

Minor progress today

The upper ball joints I ordered from came in today...they're Febi parts!  The lowers that I ordered the week prior were Ocap Italy.  Nice to see that it's possible to get decent parts at decent prices.  The tricky part about ordering from RockAuto is that you don't know what brand you'll get until they show up.
I found a long skinny box in my packing supplies and went to Home Depot and got a plastic drop cloth - used some binder clips and filled it up with the Evaporust that I had (just enough).  I'll pull it out tomorrow and see how well it's cleaned up.  Perhaps on Monday afternoon or Tuesday (after jury duty) I can get the column back together.

If the powder coat shop sticks to their turn around - I might be able to get the other parts back and tackle the whole front end at once...if not, I'll work on installing the torsion arms while I wait for those parts.  Then I'll move on to the door felts and see if I can extract the NOS felts  and try one out on the door - hopefully that'll solve my window problem.

Once I get this car back on 4 tires - it's going for carb adjustment and a 4 wheel alignment.

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