Friday, April 6, 2018

Even salt looks like sugar

Four weeks after dropping the parts off for powder coat, with a communicated one week lead time, I was able to pick them up this morning.  There was a house showing and the owner of the house came by to check things out so I lost a couple of hours of productivity.

I did get a few things done and I'm looking forward to getting the front end back on the ground (maybe next week?).
I got all three of the steering box clamps powder coated and they came back looking super nice.

The shop that I use does really nice work but they're horribly slow - and the lead time they provide progresses slowly into 'wild guess' area of accuracy.  They used to be off by a few days but it's now nearing a process akin to throwing a dart at the wall and then communicating a completely different number.
This little rubber bastard is the link in the chain that will either propel this assembly process forward or hold it back while I struggle.

I may install everything except the steering bits to get the height straightened out before concerning myself with installing this thing.  There's plenty to do before I get too excited about this, honestly.

Tie rods got new ends and replated hardware - roughly adjusted to their previous length.
I got the spindles put back together after I used a tap to chase the threads.

Next step is to put the brake rotors back together with newly packed bearings.

I'm fairly confident that I'm going to have to reindex the rear spring plates to correct the camber issue and hopefully steady the driving dynamic.

I am less confident that I'll get to address the door windows before the move, however...who knows, I've got about 6 weeks left - maybe I'll pull that rabbit out of my ass too.

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