Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Back on four tires

The car is back on the ground.  This looks like a LOT more progress than it really is.  None of the steering bits are installed (steering box/tie rods) and the front of the car is empty.

I think I may have found the right height for the left side...the steering box and tie rods are not installed, no shocks and the fuel tank/fuel are also absent.  With that weight, the front should settle down about another inch...which should be the right height for the car.
The right side looks a touch too high but it could simply be the photo angle because there's not a ton of room on the right side of the car.  I'll have to hook up the steering bits and roll it out into the driveway to check it out before I snug it all down to spec.

I also discovered that I have a bad bearing on the left side that I'll need to get swapped out so it's coming off again.  The right side sounds good (no sound) so that's one less thing to worry about for now.
Now that the first batch of pan boots have arrived, I've started discussing the second batch...I asked for photos of the second batch because of the age related cracking on the one piece I received.  Another odd discovery:  Three of them have a larger diameter clutch bowden tube opening (14mm vs. 11mm).  As long as they're not cracked real bad I'll finish the transaction.  There are a few other miscellaneous parts in the order as well but nothing terribly exciting.  I'm at a point where I'm being very selective about what I buy and the rest of it will be getting sold off...

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