Monday, April 16, 2018

Up and running (bonus: wipers work too)

He's a runner again.  I pulled both carb tops, filled the bowls with gas, swapped to a later style fuel pump (with the check valve) and the car angrily started up.  Took a few minutes to warm up but ran and idled okay.  I do need to get the carbs tuned better and snug up a few front end parts before I can call it done though.  I have a call into the local carb master - hoping that I can get into his shop soon.  I'd heard from another local guy that he's going to retire soon...fingers crossed, I'll get it in before that!

As a distraction, I came across a thread on that discussed the one year only 1967 wiper motor used with the early Push button assembly.  Turns out, two wires changed duty between 1964 and 1967 - and this was why I couldn't get them to work correctly.  I guess if I'd paid more attention to the wire diagram and its details, I would have caught it but functional wipers has never really been that high on my list of wanted items.

If I can't get the car over to the carburetor dude this week, I may take another crack at the doors...if I don't distract myself with installing relays for the headlights, horn and fog lights before I can get into the doors.  I'll at least dig into the horn relay because it would be nice to have a functional horn.

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