Saturday, September 18, 2021

“And it's always better, isn't it, when you discover answers on your own?”

There are three things to notice here:

1. The car is not in my garage/driveway.

2. It's on the side of the road.

3. The steering wheel isn't centered.

The brake hose shop finally got the brake hoses correct - I picked them up and headed home.  Once I got home, I installed the brake hoses and started the process of bleeding the brakes.  I got them bled quickly and found a pretty good pedal after a couple rounds at each caliper.  The rear seat belt situation was figured out - and I realized that I didn't have rear seat lap belts so I ordered them.  In the meantime, I might temporarily install the non-retractable 3 point belts in the rear.  The front belts are not yet installed but I've got a means to get that done pretty quickly.

So, the picture - the rear locking bolts were installed, the wheels were put back on the car and I decided to take the car down the street.  About two blocks away, I had an odd feeling at the rear of the car and pulled over.  A quick walk around the car revealed that I'm a complete dumbass and didn't tighten the lugs on one wheel.  A call home and my wife and son brought the jack and the lug wrench - a couple of minutes later and the car was back in the garage.  I need to do some alignment fixing- to both clean up the alignment and straighten the steering wheel.

Still a few things to clean up/fix but the car runs decently but very rich and I have a few things to knock out on the project list and I'll get to a few of them tomorrow.  I'm planning on trying my hand at tuning the carbs a little better and getting the front seat belts installed.

The rabbit hole will open up once I get the wideband bung welded on the muffler and I figure out how to use the wideband and tune the carbs.

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