Tuesday, September 21, 2021

"Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines"

I only had about an hour to work on the car today - I spent some of that time installing the newer plastic lower sill trim clips and the lower trim after I cleaned it up.  The plastic clips are MUCH nicer.

I used the rest of time checking the toe-in on the front end and found it's within spec.  The steering wheel isn't centered although I'm not 100% sure I put it back on correctly when I fixed the horn.  I think it'd be a good idea to pull the fuel tank and make sure the pitman arm is aligned properly before I snug down the tie rod clamps.

I haven't figured out the front seat belts quite yet but I haven't really tried yet.  The rear seat belts arrive on Thursday.  I think I'll find the motivation to get it sorted out once the rears are in hand.

I need to get back into the engine-related issues - synchronize the carburetors and set the LBI.  Sort out the welder dude so I can get the bung installed and fix some of the boogered welds.  Then I get to dive into the wideband tuning.

The last show of the season is this Sunday - I'm going to go and hang with a friend in the swap space for a few hours.  I wish my car was in a little better condition so that I could drive it but I'm just not there yet so I'll wait for next year.  Maybe by then, COVID will be less of a 'thing' and the shows can grow a little.

The weather is changing quickly - I think I'm running out of time but I think I'll make it.

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