Wednesday, September 22, 2021

“I'd come to realize that all our troubles spring from our failure to use plain, clear-cut language.”

A very small update: my attempt to find Lean Best Idle and sync the carbs was not entirely successful.  After a few adjustments and tweaks - the idle remains unsteady and I wasn't able to find LBI.

I have determined that either A] The idle jets are too big and/or B] The fuel pressure is slightly too high.

The engine is running rich and despite my efforts to lean it out - still rich.  Thus the two conclusions above.  To remedy this - I have ordered a fuel pressure gauge and a fuel pressure regulator.  Once I can either reduce the fuel pressure (if it's too high) or confirm it's correct - I'll go chasing after the idle again by swapping in smaller jets.  Learning how to tune Weber carburetors is a lot like calculus - you only learn it if you need to...

Little dude was out offering moral support for about 20 minutes - he says he still likes this car and is anxiously awaiting his turn to ride in it.  That benchmark is when the seat belts come in - and maybe now waiting for the fuel pressure regulator (next week).

Everything that has to be ordered takes a week...every new issue that requires a part equals a one-week delay while we wait.  We have a few things to do while we wait.

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