Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another sign of things to come

The one piece I thought would be hard to find:  The 1967 one year only wiper motor is now in the mail on its way to me.  I thought I already owned this piece but I have a 68 two speed wiper motor.  The 67 wiper motor will allow me to use the rheostat on the pushbutton assembly without any additional switches.  I'm attempting to slightly modernize the car without making too many permanent changes to it in the process.

I believe this concludes the parts collecting for the 12 volt conversion to be undertaken in the future.

Tomorrow night, I'm hoping to have solved the brake fade issue once and for all with a test drive around the house on our newly paved roads.

I received my parts ordered to adapt the dual reservoir to the dual circuit master cylinder as well.  I'm on the fence about how to best mount the dual reservoir while attempting to retain the stock appearance.  I'm considering using a piece of a 1967 Type 3 and welding it in place as it is on the 67.  Only a few would notice that the reservoir and the little hump are not stock...I definitely don't want it hacked in-wherever it winds up.

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