Saturday, August 9, 2014

Exhaust every possible option to reach a milestone

The 67 only Type 1 brake reservoir showed up (along with some other parts) and I am happy to learn that the pipes, nuts and bushings are a perfect fit to the Type 3 67 only reservoir.

I'm now waiting on the NOS fluid tubes to arrive before I can install the new braking system.

I also found some repop band clamps for the air elbows  I bought some stainless steel band clamps that are about 3/16" wide and will cut the ends off and use them with these clamps for the elbow connections.  Once that's all installed (or I short cut and just use hose clamps), I'll fire up the engine with the new exhaust.

I should be able to drive the car around next brakes, new exhaust.  It's getting good!

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