Saturday, August 30, 2014

Too many monkeys with wrenches

Returned home yesterday evening from a work trip to Japan to my infant son having what we initially thought was explosive, room clearing gas...after a doctor's visit this morning, it's stomach flu. So now we get to run full blast through the minefield that is contagion and try to not step on one of the landmines that will share the affliction with one or both lucky parents. Needless to say, little work will be conducted on the car.

Last Sunday, I went to the local show, sans Nigel, and found two of these 2 wire clips. I sold the old seat belt from Nigel for $5 and that's pretty much where the sales ended. I feel like I'm selling ice cubes to Eskimos when I haul my Type 3 shit out to swap meets around here.

The swap area was light, the attendance was sparse and it was hot. Beats the shit out of the rain we got 2 years ago. Nevertheless, I had a good time. I never really go expecting to sell a lot-sometimes I'm surprised, most times I get exactly what I expect.

Short of a 12 volt battery, I have all of the parts for my 12 volt conversion...this I know I can do without fucking it up (unlike the brakes). I had a brief discussion with another 'car guy' and he suspects that the brake bleeders might be faulty and allowing air back into the system. In any event, I have to adjust the brake lever plunger so that I can take that off the list of 'possibilities' I'll hit the FLAPS and pick up a battery soon...

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