Saturday, August 2, 2014

If there is no struggle, there is no progress

 Early on in the day, I got distracted by an ugly choke on the left side so I replaced it with a NOS unit.  The old choke fell apart when I pulled it off the car and went to set it aside.  Then I noticed the loose wires on the chokes.  So, I pulled out my wiring stuff and fixed the wires to original style spade connectors and got rid of the blue insulated shit ones that were on the car.
 I pulled the glasspak muffler system that came with the car and installed a later (65) NOS muffler and some good used small heater boxes.  All I need to do is buy a 46mm wrench to tighten up the big nut between the small heater box and the muffler.  Everything went in pretty easily.  I can't wait to hear the car turn over with a stock exhaust again.
I took a photo of the new CuLayer tail light bulbs-this is from approximately 25-30 feet behind the car.  I think they're going to work out perfectly.  I'm very happy that I found them.

I wound up changing the axle boots, the fuel filter, installing cotter pins in the outer tie rods, fixed the headlight issue (although I still have a ground issue on the right side), NOS muffler, heater boxes, installed a NOS choke, fixed the license plate light wire (it was broken), replaced some semi-hacked looking wiring, and took a serious look at the back seat and the seat belt situation.

I'm hoping to get up early and knock out a few more things from the list.

When I attempted to bleed the brakes, I discovered that the brake fluid was contaminated by the rubber gasket from the reservoir cap (not sure Type 3's ever had these stock...).  The fluid was dark grey and the reservoir is very mucked up.  This likely means that the master cylinder that's in the car is going to need a rebuild because it's probably full of little bits of lid seal.  It was nasty.

I couldn't get the reservoir clean so I think I'm going to just pull the master and swap the front lines so that they're 'proper' for a dual master and figure out a way to install the reservoir from the 67.  I need the aluminum lines and I'm not sure I'll find those locally...which means more waiting.

I also need hose clamps because, in spite of what 'many' will say, the woven German hose still should have hose clamps.  I'm not one to take a chance on the hose staying in place without them.  I thought I had the right size clamps but they turned out to be too big.

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